Welcome to D. Docto Photo!!

Thanks for visiting my website. I've been shooting professionally for over 8 years. I always was interested in photography since I was young but never got exposed the technical aspect until I was out of college. I bought my first DLSR (Nikon D70s) and had no idea what I was doing. I basically learned everything online, while shooting and/or tips from other photographers.
I shot full time for about a year and a half doing school photography at ABC School Portraits in Benicia, CA. I learned so much about photography, printing and the business aspect. It was great to learn under Cliff Blueitt and Alen Kwong, they are some the bay area's best photographers. Unfortunately I got burnt out and after I quit, I didn't really pick up my camera for about a year.

I'm still shooting events and family nowadays. I've kept all the photos that I've taken over the year at clubs, parties and other events so that people can still access them. Eventually my plan is to create a new website and link everything together.

If you're interested in photography services, feel free to contact me. Like I said above, I'm not shooting as much but I can still shoot. If I'm unable to do the job, I will be more than happy to find someone who can take care of you. In addition to photography, I've become more of an event planner and I have a good solid list of vendors for weddings. Feel free to contact me about any of it or if you just need some advice. Thanks for visiting!

Contact Information:
Email: Daniel.Docto@gmail.com

*By attending these events, you give permission to use your pictures for promotional use, as well as use on this website. DDocto Photography does not accept responsibility or liability for any unlawful acts captured at any event*